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Our Story

Here at Whole Brain Home Education teaching is in our DNA!

As experienced teachers who Home Educate our own *ahem* little angels, we know that every student is capable of more than they could ever believe!
We work with them to be ambitious, to set goals and to achieve their every desire, creating out-of-the-box thinkers who will change the world!


We offer Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3, and GCSE courses, in a variety of subjects. (Please see the 'Services' tab on this page for more information about the subjects we are currently offering.) 


Parents, we've got your back!

All our classes are run via Zoom, meaning you don't have to worry about getting to sessions on time (heck, they can even come in their PJs!)

And we provide all our students with everything they will need for their sessions... all the stationery, work books and equipment are included in our fees! So you will never have to rush around looking for lost items!
You're Welcome!


In our GCSE courses we get your child prepped, confident and raring to go. They will be exam ready over the space of a year!

... and with a 100% pass rate to maintain, you know that you can rely on us!

We are proud to be partnered with Tutors and Exams and fully support their ethos. Exams are run efficiently and smoothly and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Our Team


I have always found learning fascinating! Way before I had children, I worked as a trainer, and then when my daughter, Frankie was younger I began to Home Educate her. I studied everything I could about education and child learning, while working as a knitter for magazines, so I could take my work with me to our Home Ed activities! She loved learning with friends, so I began to invite people to join us while I was teaching.


I was fascinated by the Montessori method; which focuses on following the child, using hands-on learning to teach, and from that our Whole Brain method developed; which seeks to use all parts of the brain and engage the senses. I applied these to our classes and I was amazed at the results! The children flourished and they loved every moment! More and more people wanted to join us and our little learning group grew. I continued studying and learned all about exams, how to take them and what was needed to pass. Whole Brain Home Education was born!

It's grown massively over the years, going from the little classes I did with my daughter, to the amazing online sessions you see today. We have created an amazing team of teachers and supporters, including Frankie who now works with us after going to college and studying at University, and our fantastic mascot (Santiago!) Together, we love to inspire our students; teaching then to believe in themselves, to take charge of their work, and to develop a deep love of learning! I'm so proud of every single member of the Whole Brain Home Education family... so grateful to all those who have helped us grow, and so excited to meet those who will help us continue growing into the future.


Both my parents are teachers so it was kind of inevitable that I would follow that path too, even my brother is a teacher now! Having trained as a primary teacher at Manchester Metropolitan University with maths as my main subject, I found that working in a mainstream classroom wasn’t for me. My strength is working with children with additional needs and my background in that includes being a teaching assistant at Inscape House Together Trust as well as working with various youth clubs, sports clubs and being a Scout leader.
Having trained as a Forest School Leader, I now run Jennie Wadsworth Forest School

 while home educating my children full time. 



Hi! I’m Frankie, as well as teaching Maths, English and Business Studies, I also look after the IT systems, video editing, website, invoicing and graphic design. I’m currently studying Maths at University, after being home educated to GCSE level.

I am also a part time artist, wannabe filmmaker, and full time horse mum! 


I am passionate about unlocking potential and I realise I have been on this path right from the start, beginning in my early teens with giving recorder lessons to the children in my neighbourhood! The reason? I get excited about learning.
My educational background includes an MA in Education from the Open University, a BA Hons in Modern Languages and History and a TEFL. I speak Italian, German and French and I am fascinated by language. I taught in an independent preparatory school for 18 years where the foundations of my educating experience are rooted. I am a home educator and in 2008 set out on our home educating adventure with my daughter and two girls, embracing the freedom home education offered and intrigued to explore their learning styles. One by one they sat their IGCSEs and followed their paths to college, university and the world of work.



Jill is our pack making director and Grandma extraordinaire!

With us having over 190 students to send packs out to, she organises, addresses, labels and packs every single one, and her ultra organised style is an absolute lifesaver to us at WBHE! 


I have always loved writing and its the one thing I'm really great at. 

I do content writing and social media management... and I absolutely love it!
I write a lot of the posts/content for WBHE and help with the social media side of things, as well as jumping in to lend a hand where I can.

I have three children, all of whom are Home Educated and the Whole Brain ethos is something we've always followed. 

We love animals and have ferrets and a demonic chihuahua called Poppy who fully believes that she is a Rottweiler, despite being the size of a hamster.



Being the daughter of a librarian I grew up with a love of books and learning.

When I was little I wanted to be an author (a dream that I recently realised during lockdown - there's nothing like a global pandemic to make you focus on achieving a childhood dream!) but then ended up studying psychology (which I found fascinating) and then training as a teacher. I have worked in a lot of different schools and currently work part time in a Specialised Communication School where we do lots of hands on learning. I have an interest in parent and child wellbeing, having done additional training in Emotional Education and as a Relax Kids coach. 

I have two children, boys age 7 and 2. We love to be outdoors exploring nature and my eldest has a growing interest in History which we are nurturing. 



I'm also passionate about supporting and advocating for parents in the early days of their parenting journey. I co-run our local sling library as a babywearing consultant and am involved in Maternity Voices Partnerships in Cheshire and Manchester. 


I look forward to seeing you in one of our exciting learning sessions soon.


Santiago is our resident mascot. When he isn't running wild at his Montessori school, or out on home ed adventures with Teacher Frankie or Samantha, he loves to pop into the end of lessons, and add his own bonus "lessons" on the end!

Some of the subjects he covers are "don't touch hot things" and "don't mess around on the stairs".

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