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Our pricing is unique because it includes everything our students need for their lessons. We send out packs with all the workbooks, stationery, equipment and materials they will use in their classes... and all of this is included in our pricing!


ALL our classes are £7.50 per hour


However our one year I/GCSE courses work a little differently!

We calculate the cost of your classes/courses over the year, then we split that up into monthly payments, our aim with this is to make it as easy as possible for you to know what you owe and when!

What if we have to miss a class?

We know that Home Educators are a busy bunch and that every family is different. Some are more relaxed, others like to be more timetabled. 

... we try to support EVERYONE. 


Our classes are all live and online, so you do need to be present to really get stuck in. However, we use Google Classrooms to set our work, so if your child does miss a week, they can always go in there are do it when they're ready. 

Our wonderful teachers are also happy to send you a little write up of what has happened in the sessions, so, there's no huge panic of you miss a day!

Do you record the classes?

No, because our classes are done live using Zoom, our students names are on show and when they speak the camera turns to them, so they can be seen too.


Recording them would break the child protection guidelines.

Can we try a lesson before we decide?

Yes! We do trials for most of our classes. So, let us know if you wa t to give us a go and we can get you booked in.


Our science classes are a bit different though. 

As they're very much based on doing hands-on experiments and activities, its not really possible to take part without our science pack. For this reason we cannot offer a trial week for our Science sessions.


Does every student have to work at the same level?

No! At Whole Brain Home Education we believe that it is really important that everyone is working to their own ability.

We also know that sometimes students need an extra bit of support.

We have a mix of ages, we have students that have been with us a while and those who are learning how we work, we have students who may have missed lessons and everyone has things they find tricky.


So, we always have more than one teacher in the classes (in Maths, we usually have 4!) this allows us to create breakout rooms so that everyone has the support they need. 

This is never done in a shameful way, nobody feels bad, it's all very laid back and students just  go where they need to be.

I have multiple children, can they share a device?

Many of our students have siblings taking the same class, and we know some families only have one device available.

So, yes, they can share.

However, each student will need their own pack to join in, so they will still need an individual sign up.


It is best, where possible, to use a device each though. It enables us to guide them better through the camera and means they're not arguing over it. (We all know what siblings can be like😅)

Do you support SEN children?

We aim to accommodate all types of students! For more information on our inclusivity policy, click here.

What are your term dates?


Our biggest break takes part during the summer:

Our Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 Science classes don't run at all throughout August. Then all our classes take a two week break from September 5th, until September 19th, when we will resume our usual timetable. 


We take another break at Christmas, so there will be no classes from the 26th December until 9th January.


Finally, we have a little break over Easter. Starting on the 3rd of April and classes will start back on the 17th. These little breaks give our amazing teachers a chance to reset so they're able to give our students their very best. We already take these breaks into consideration when sorting payment, working out the amount over the year so that our monthly fees remain the same. The only exception to this is our August break for Science, but we will notify you of what you owe before payment is due for that month.

What if i need to cancel?

You are free to cancel your your lessons at anytime. 

Simply inform us and cancel your standing order if you have set one up. 


Please note... Once you have paid and we have posted your packs we can no longer offer a refund as your place has been filled and cannot be offered to someone else.

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