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Inclusivity policy

Here for You

At Whole Brain Home Education we believe that EVERY child should have the same opportunities; regardless of disability, race, gender, culture, or anything else. We are completely inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels part of our little family. 

Equally, we take into consideration each student's individual needs, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable, heard and understood.


Our classes are hands-on and we keep all our students engaged and involved.

We work in a multilevel way, creating breakout rooms to help anyone who needs a little extra support.

We aim to ensure that every student feels confident and understands what we're teaching, allowing them to go at their own pace.


We understand some children will need to take movement or calming breaks, especially in our longer classes. 

We are totally fine with this. 

They can join in again when they are ready; and we can catch them up or send over a write-up of the class so they can do activities they missed at a later time... and the same applies if they miss a class for any reason (hospital appointments, religious/cultural holidays, mental health breaks, etc)


We ask students to keep their mics off during the session unless they're answering a question (and we can mute them if they forget, so don't worry)... this means they can make noise or move around while in the lesson and they won't be disturbing other students.


We allow students to do any work set in their own way, some will choose to draw rather than write. Some students do incredibly neat work and others are rushing to get their ideas out, we don't mind either way... A* for effort is our goal!


If they're not following instructions, we will try to engage them, if they still aren't doing it... we will call it a bad day (after all everyone has bad days!) and try again when they're ready.

We may ask a parent to support them if they're consistently struggling. 


On signing up, we talk with each students parent to find out a bit about them. 

This allows us to learn their names, pronouns, and any relevant information before the class begins. 

Students are then able to change their name, pronouns, or let us know of anything they need to as the classes run!


IMPORTANT NOTE... We sometimes use edible materials in our classes. 

Jelly, sweets, crackers, biscuits, etc... We ALWAYS remind students to check with their adult before eating anything, however, it's vitally important that parents keep this in mind and supervise any children with allergies or dietary requirements. 

We ask all parents to do a pack check at the start of each block of classes, so they are fully aware of what has been sent. 



We do not tolerate any kind of bullying in our classes. 

We expect our students to treat each other and our teachers with respect at all times.

Name calling, unkind behaviour, mocking, etc will never be tolerated and any students taking part in bullying activity will be asked to leave the class immediately. 

We will then contact the parents and discuss the next steps.

We'd like to stress that this has never actually happened so far, but we do have the policy in place. It's important to us that WBHE is a safe space for everyone!


We like our students to fully express themselves when it comes to appearance and how they present.

They can wear what they like... PJ's on zoom, yes please!

Our only requirement regarding dress is that they're comfortable and fully clothed!😂


We do not believe that hair colour, make-up, clothing or anything else distracts students from learning... Especially since they're in their own home!

We love seeing our students really be themselves!


We understand that not everyone has the latest devices.

All we really require is that each student has a device with a working camera. This is so we can see what they're doing and properly support them.

We send out packs that include all the other materials they will use, from workbooks to stationery and all the items for the classes. This means that every student has the things they need and are never left out. 


If your child has any needs we aren't meeting, do just let us know and we will do our best to support you!

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