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WBHE agreement

Everyone knows that Home Educators are notoriously bad at rules (hey, we're right there with you!), so we have some agreements instead! These are things we need to have in place to keep our sessions running well! Let us know that you’ve read them and agree to them and we can get started!


• Mutual respect is a must! Students must be respectful to each other and the teachers at all times and we also endeavour to treat our students respectfully in return... Bullying and unkind words will result in the student being asked to leave the session. (This has never actually happened, but we have it stated just in case)


• Take care of your pack! We provide the packs to make sure that every student has everything they need. We then do a pack check to make sure that no items are missing... It’s impossible for us to do anything more Please take care of them! If you lose, eat, or accidentally throw (it happens more than you would believe) anything from the pack, it's your responsibility to replace it!


• Bring your pack to sessions. That’s why you have them! Right!?


• (For GCSE students) Complete classwork and homework and give it in on time. We can help those who are struggling and we will work with students, but we need to see students work to work out how best to help. Homework is very important in terms of getting ready for the exams - but we have a homework club to help!


• Arrive to sessions on time! We understand that things happen, so don’t worry if you’re late as a one off, but it does make it hard for students if they miss some of the teaching. Please try to be on time.


• To take part in our classes you will need a device with a camera. Cameras need to be turned on and facing the child (just on their hands is fine if you prefer). This enables us to see what they're doing and help them if they need.


• All our classes are paid each month. Please pay for your child’s courses promptly. Setting up a standing order helps massively with this one! We need to fill all our classes in order to keep our prices low, so non-payment may end up with you losing your space.


* If, for whatever reason, you choose to leave us, it is your responsibility to inform us and to cancel your standing order. We cannot issue refunds if you forget to cancel. 


As you can see, our 'rules' are things that just make sense, no arbitrary rules here! Let’s do this!

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